Commercial and small farmer consultancy services for Africa by professionals from Africa.

Intergrated crop solution services.

Riverside Agriculture provides an integrated crop solution service and consultancy to commercial & small scale farmers across Africa

  • Sustainable, profitable crop production in AFRICA lies at the centre of Riverside Agriculture's business philosophy.
  • In order to deliver that, our business has become multi-disciplined and reaches into 6 core technologies.
  • In line with this, Riverside Agriculture is now a single-face, on-farm service provider of this portfolio of technology.

Our Services

Crops we service

• Sugar cane
• Summer grain crops: Maize, Soya beans, dry beans
• Perennial orchard crops, avocados, citrus, macadamias, bananas, sub-tropical fruits
• Vegetables: Complete spectrum
• Forestry: Gum, pine, wattle
• Wheat
• Termite management

What we do

• We provide solutions to unlock the full potential of your crop
• We provide tools to assist in confident decision making
• We have local knowledge backed by years of experience

Contact Us

PO BOX 13796, Cascade, 3202
Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu-Natal
South Africa

 +27 (0)82 497 2446